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DeeMar Boxers




  CH. Wedigit Heart To Heart


BAER Normal


 Jenny is an exciting addition to our home. 

She is a joy to live with and show. She puts her heart into everything she does.

 Breeder: Trudy Haines   







Ch Wedigit Heart To Heart 
Ch. Wedigit Starstruck
Ch. Blackfox Rising Sun
Ch.Tunnel Hill Street Wise  
Ch. Riber Blazeaway
Ch. Proud Fox Plum Perfect
Ch. Proud Fox Diamond Lil   Ch. Proud Fox Wild As The Wind
Ch. Proud Fox Gin Rummy  
Ch. WeDigIt Sunlyn Centerfold   
Aus Gr Ch. Am Ch. WeDigIt Black Tie Affair  
Ch. Windfall First watch
Ch. Foxport Forget Me Not, SE
Ch. Sunlyn Strike A Pose
Ch. Sunlyn Striker O'Dawn Heir,  ROM
Ch. Sunlyn Skip N Bounce, DD
Ch. Wedigit-Foxport Oh' Susanah
Ch. Windfall First Watch    
Ch. Windfall Storm Watch
Ch. Laurelton Now Hear This
Ch. Windfall Night Watch 
Ch. Legacy Windfall Fanfare  
Ch. CISS Ch. Toofox The Colonel,  SD
Ch. Foxmoor Quissex Fantan,  ROM
Ch. Foxport Forget Me Not ME  
Ch. Dixiefire's Incognito
Ch.Seafarer In Disquise
Ch. Midwood Check It Out
Ch. Foxport Trill A Minute
Ch. Silverwood Simply Outrageous
 Laurelton Pleasing Sarah




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