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DeeMar Boxers


 DeeMar's Millicent 


Heart Tested Normal

24 hr. Holter Normal 0 PVC's at 2 yrs, 

24 hr. Holter Normal 0 PVC's at 3 1/2 yrs, 

24 hr. Holter Normal 0 PVC's at 5 1/2 yrs, 

 SAS Clear via Auscultation at 2 1/2 yrs old

  SAS Clear via Echo Color Flow Doppler at 4 yrs old  

Thyroid Normal   DM - Clear

ARVC-1  Negative





CH MGM's Man For All Seasons CH Cayman's Black Bart  CH Vandown King's Fire Alert SOM CH Bropat's Red Alert of Asgard SOM  
CH Vandown's Laguna  Rose DOM  
CH Cayman's Sweet Nandi DOM CH Rusric's Vagabond Prince  
CH Sirrah's Cayman's Gold DOM OFA 
CH Lyndell's It's My Party  CH Lyndell's New Yorker CH Lyndell's Metropolitan Man  
CH Lyndell's Musicale  
Lyndell's Going To Disney CH Lyndell's Music Man    
Lyndell's Cadbury Caramello   
DeeMar's Truffle Au Chocolat AM/CAN CH Neuleben's Mojave Gambler CH King's Mojave SOM CH Tall Oak's Desert Dazzler SOM 
CH Vandowns Laguna Rose DOM
Brimel's Evangeline CH Berena's Gemini Splashdown SOM  LOM 
AM CH Brimel's Bayou Classic
Dee-Mar's Brown Sugar CH Cayman's Black Bart SOM CH Vandown King's Fire Alert   
CH Cayman's Sweet Nandi
Dee-Mar's Enchanting Grace Jacquet's Winds of War  
 PH Rocket's Michael


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