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DeeMar Boxers




 DeeMar's Jamin With Tradition



Heart Tested Normal

 24 hr Holter Normal 0 PVC's at 2 yrs old

24 hr. Holter Normal 0 PVC at 3 yrs old

24 hr. Holter Normal 1 PVC at 4 1/2 yrs old

24 hr. Holter Normal 1 PVC at 4 1/2 yrs old, 

SAS Clear via Auscultation at 2 1/2 yrs old

Thyroid Normal   DM - Carrier

ARVC-1 Heterozygous

A wonderful temperament, No male aggression!

Loved by Mark & Diane





DeeMar's Jamin With Tradition Ch Jem's Pearl Jam, SOM Ch Bridgewood's B K Kahuna SOM LOM Ch Telstar's Goodtime Charlie, SOM Ch Berena Gemini Splashdown, LOM
Telstar's High Fidelty
Ginger Golden Glow Ch Mephisto's Spartacus
Coco Fansee Dancer
Jems Pearl of Manor Hill Ch Berena's Tribute To Fa-Fa, SOM Ch. Wagner Wilverday Famos Amos LOM
Summerbird Leading Lady, DOM
Ch. Manor Hill's My Fair Lady Ch. Siegel's Sudden Empac
Manor Hill's Lady Ann, CD
Dee-Mar's Pennys From Heaven CH Kenon's Vegas Splash 'n' Flash CH Karmel's Flash Of Neuleben CH Berena's Gemini Splashdown SOM  LOM
Jacquet's Kiri Te Kanawa DOM  
Kenon's Blue Sapphire CH Kenon's Black Gold
Interlude's Tailwind  
Kenon's Nevada Sunshine Ch Karmel's Flash Of Neuleben Ch Berena's Gemini Splashdown SOM LOM
Jacquet's Kiri Te Kanawa DOM
CH Karmel's Cover Girl CH Jopa's Dr. Action
CH Karmel's Isabella De Aragon   

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